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    European cosmic ray Symposium (18 ; 2002 ; Moscow). 18th European cosmic ray Symposium : moscow, July 8-12, 2002Symposium program and abstracts / European cosmic ray Symposium (18 ; 2002 ; Moscow) . - М. : [б. и.], 2001. - Разд.паг. - 267 экз. - ISBN 5-88800-159-7 : Б. ц. - Текст : непосредственный.
    В надзаг.:Rus. academy of sciences Lomonosov Moscow state university

    Космические лучи -- Съезды и конференции

    Кл.слова (ненормированные): космический луч -- съезд -- конференция
    Аннотация: The topic «Cosmic ray physics around the knee» included the sessions «Ground-based аrrays» (represented in this issue by the papers of N. Kalmykov and A. Haungs), «Balloon and satellite experiments» (the paper by J. Wefel), and «High-energy interactions» (S. Ostapchenko). Two sessions of the topic «Muons and neutrinos» are represented in this issue by a single paper (C. Spiering). The next topic «High-energy gamma ray astronomy» turned out to be omitted because the only speaker did not present a paper. A better situation is with the topic «Ultra high energy cosmic rays», where the session «Ground-based arrays» is represented by the papers of M. Giller and H. Bluemer, and the paper by B. Khrenov represents the session «Balloon and satellite experiments». The speakers of the next two topics are present in full. These topics are «Low energy cosmic ray composition and search for antimatter» (R. Battiston and P. Picozza) and «Climate, atmospheric phenomena and space weather effects» (Yu. Stozhkov, A. Lidvansky, and A. Chilingaryan). Finally, the topic «The Sun and the Heliosphere» included the sessions «Energetic particles generated on the Sun and in the Heliosphere» (the papers by P. Kiraly and M.-B. Kallenrode) and «Cosmic ray modulation in Heliosphere» (M. Alania).Экз-ры полностью Ж2-02/28382
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