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    Currents in high-energy astrophysics : proc.of the NATO advanced study inst.and ninth course of the intern.school of cosmic ray astrophysics on currents in high-energy astrophysics,Erice 7-18 May 1994 / ed. M. M. Shapiro. - Dordrecht [etc.] : Kluwer, 1995. - IX,336 p. p. : ill. - (NATO advanced study institute series. Ser.C., Mathematical and physical sciences ; vol.458). - ISBN 0-7923-3354-3 : 420000 р. - Текст : непосредственный.
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    Аннотация: I Cosmic Gamma Rays, X-Rays, and Neutrinos: The Sky as Viewed from the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, G. Kanbach Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts, M. Baring Gamma-Ray Production in the Winds of Wolf-Rayet Stars, P. J. Meintjes, G. Kanbach Origin of High-Energy X-Ray Emission from NGC 253, O. Goldshmidt Spectral and Temporal Variability in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries, N. D. Kylafis Solar and Supernova Neutrinos, T. Stanev Neutrino Masses in Astrophysics, R. Gandhi. II Cosmic Rays: Source Composition of Cosmic Rays and Models of Origin, R. Silberberg, C. H. Tsao, M. M. Shapiro Some Highlights of the 1993 International Cosmic Ray Conference, R. Silberberg, C. H. Tsao Recent Results from the Fly's Eye Experiment, D. J. Bird, et al The High Resolution (Hi-Res) Fly's Eye Detector, D. J. Bird The Hegra Experiment at La Palma, V. Fonseca The Extensive Air-Shower Experiment in Tibet, M. Nishizawa Production and Acceleration of Ultra-High-Energy Particles by Black Holes and Strings, C. Sivaram Cosmic-Ray Nonlinear Effects in Space Plasma: General Characteristics and Dynamic Galactic Halo Dynamic Heliosphere, L. I. Dorman Pulsars and Supernova Remnants Pulsars - Recent Results on their Physics and their Dynamics, F. G. Smith Synchrotron and Inverse Compton Processes in Supernova Remnants, O. C. de Jager Cosmology - The Big Bang and the Infrared Sky as Seen by COBE, J. C. Mather Inflation, the Top, and All That, Y. Ne'eman Formation of Galaxies in a Dark-Matter Dominated Universe - a New Approach, P. G. Macedo, J. P. M. de Carvalho New Ways in Cosmology - Friedmann-Lemaitre Model Derived from the Lyman-Alpha Forest in Quasar Spectra Alternative Models for the Very Early Universe, H. J. Blome, W. Priester, J. Hoell.
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    Shapiro, M.M.\ed.\
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